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Signs from Above

Everyday the universe (God's loving energy in action) is working to help you create your Best Life.

Through wishes, desires, and dreams, the universe recognizes what you want and puts all the ingredients together in perfect alignment. All we need to do is act upon the subtle nudges we receive from our Divine Guidance.

We might wake up early one morning and be unable to go back to sleep. Try as we might, sleep will not come. If we recognize this as a sign we might ask, "What am I to do?" The next thought will be your Divine Guidance. Get up and follow this guidance.

It may be as simple as drinking a glass of water, because you've been feeling sluggish and you are dehydrated. The universe knows that you have been wanting to make healthier choices. Once you're up, suddenly you are making lists of things you've wanted to add to your daily routine - one of them; Drink More Water!

Perhaps you've been wanting to start an on-line business where you can sell the beautiful creations you make. The universe wants you to do it - when you get the nudge to look for an on-line web design class, don't dismiss it. Go now and start researching. Before you're even aware of the serendipity, you will realize you have found the perfect class and you're already in the process of signing up!

Keep an open mind when it comes to following your guidance. There are times we struggle with a decision for months or even longer. We don't know which way to go and we waffle back and forth with the decision. One day it's what we want only to quickly change our mind the next day. When your guidance comes you may hear, "Stay right where you are, do not make a move." Release the idea and let it go. You may be surprised to find that within a few short weeks, plans are in motion for you to move in the opposite direction.

This happened to me. I asked my guides, "Why did you tell me to stay?" The mental response I got was quick, "Because we needed you to stop overthinking it, so we could get to work on making in happen."

We do overthink things and sometimes this blocks the universe from putting all the pieces together. One day we know we want something, but the next day we stop the process by being afraid to make a change. Once you have your guidance or you've made you desire known in your own thoughts, let them go to the masters who will begin the creation process, "behind the scenes." When they nudge you with a thought to act in some way, follow the lead that will take you to the next step. Don't give up, even if you don't see quick results. You must do the work to get ready for the changes to come. We must prepare ourselves, so when the breakthrough happens, we are ready to receive.

Whether your guidance is as small as clearing away clutter from one corner of your home or leaving your comfort zone to move into a new experience, you must take the first step; the leap of faith. Do so bravely, because you are not alone. The universe is holding your hand and will never let you go.

Watch for signs, ask for signs, and acknowledge your signs with a "thank you." Watch your dreams unfold before your eyes.

You've got this!

It's your life and you can start living your Best one right now.

All my Best,


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