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How to Hygge - Pick a Day, Any Day

Updated: Jan 12

Hygge is a Danish word that isn't necessarily an action or a thing like Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a philosophy about how your home and the way you set it up affects the prosperity and wellbeing of your life.

Hygge is not something you do as much as how you feel with respect to the circumstances you find yourself in.

Long winters, short days, and very cold, rainy weather can make life pretty hard, but the Danes chose to embrace the cold, wet weather, and shorter days and adjusted their attitude.

Make it Cozy

They choose to make the inside of their homes, pubs, and meeting places cozy with soft lighting, candles, or fires burning with warming comfort food and drink to make them feel embraced, rather than cold and raw.

This attitude and cozy feel the Danes surround themselves with is Hygge ( pronounced Hoogah.)

Hygge can be practiced anytime of year.

In summer, Hygge is embracing the sun, fresh farm-grown vegetables , and long days.

In spring, Hygge is taking in the sights of budding trees and walking in the cool sunshine with the spring breezes on your face.

Fall Hygge is sweet with pumpkin, cinnamon, and apples in everything you eat, drink, and smell. The kaleidoscope of colors mixed with the scent of wood burning is magnificent for the senses.

But winter is the best time to embrace Hygge, when you don't mind staying home all weekend long.

The holiday parties and activities are over and you are ready to come back to your home. This is the time to just cuddle up with a blanket, your favorite warm drink and gaze out the window during a rainy or snowy day.

Embrace your life right where you are right now.

Invest in a great pair of warm socks. Spruce up your sweats or loungewear. Or, simply pull out your favorite sweat pants, the ones you've had for years. Wrap up in a cozy sweater and bring your tea and yourself to the place you love to sit and make that your job for the day. To sit and relax and enjoy just being where God has planted you - right here, right now.

That is how to Hygge.

Last weekend I woke up with the intention to Hygge.

I slept in and was awakened by my cat's purring. Such a wonderful way to wake up. Snow was predicted for Sunday, so I planned easy meals by picking up a few things at my local grocery store and went for a nice long walk later in the day.

Most of the weekend was spent under a blanket watching TV, scrolling my iPad, or browsing through my newest cook book. Meals were simple and prepared by someone else.

It did snow and it was wonderful to watch it fall outside my windows. It started as rain, so I had it all last weekend.

There are always things we "should" be doing rather than relaxing at home, doing Hygge, but who is making these rules for us? If you have to go to your job, then go there you must, but on the days when you are free, allow yourself at least one day to let go of commitments or demands and just be.

Sleep late, eat comfort food, bake something, read, play music, sip a warm drink, wear warm socks and comfy clothes, cuddle up with a warm blanket or a warm body, like your cat or dog.

Let yourself feel the peace and serenity of the day.


You are in Hygge.

Embrace the now.

Come along with me on my Hygge weekend

All my best,


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