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10 Angelic Ways to Get Through the Holidays

1. Meditate each morning

Organize your thoughts for a productive plan to start each day. There is nothing worse than thinking you will get organized, gather coupons, have a goal in mind and then find yourself at the end of the day having done nothing! There are so many thoughts running through your head that there is no way you will ever corral them long enough to get a plan in motion, unless you stop, sit in quiet solitude for at least ten minutes and let your mind settle. Once in this quiet place, allow the plan for the day to formulate. Don't get beyond today. Let each day be a plan on its own. In this way, you will be organized, your days will be productive, and you will feel accomplished!

2. Ask your Angels for a perfect parking space

When you are shopping at a busy mall or shopping center, ask your angels to find you a parking space close to the entrance and then know you will find it. It is your belief that you will find it that will bring it to you! This is a simple practice to begin not only during the holiday season but all year long. When you need to get somewhere on time, before you even leave the house, mentally say, "Angels, please pave the way for me to get to my destination safely and on time." Then, believe that you will and start to be amazed. The more you ask the better the results. Just try it! What have you got to lose?

3. Create every dish you make with love

As you prepare, cook, and bake, think of the love you feel for those you are cooking for and bake that love right into your food. Our thoughts really are things. If you are stressed as you try to do-it-all, your food will be just so, so, but if you are relaxed and thinking loving thoughts, smiling at all of the funny things your loved ones do or say, as you pour in your ingredients and put your pans in the oven, your food will be so much better. The secret ingredient to every dish really is love.

4. Ask for help

If someone asks, "What can I bring?" Take them up on their offer. Ask them to bring fresh rolls or fresh flowers. If there's one thing you always tend to put off until the last minute, ask them to bring that thing or ask them to bring festive napkins or festive paper dessert plates. They are asking because they want to help. Let them! It will bring them joy to see what they brought on display.

5. Make your dinner semi-homemade

If making a turkey stresses you out, buy a pre-cooked, stuffed turkey from a local restaurant or turkey farm. Pick up pre-made pies from a baker. Make your own specialties, things you know you do well and enjoy making, but leave the other things to a professional. It might cost more, but in the end, if you can relax more on the day of your get together, a few more dollars are well worth it!

6. Make a list

Sit with a pad of paper and a pen. Quiet your mind with a few breaths - ask your angels to help you create the perfect gift list for everyone you need to buy for. Allow the pure guidance to come through and soon you will have the perfect gift list for your budget. Your angels will help you create a list that is not only perfect for you, but perfect for all of the recipients.

7. Take a day off to decorate

Don't try to do your decorating when you have a free moment - you won't. Plan a day off at the beginning of the season and enjoy taking out your decorations and creating your perfect wonderland. When you're done, sit with your favorite beverage and take it all in.

8. Don't say yes to everything

You can say no. It's okay to keep your holiday sanity. When asked to do something or you are invited to a gathering, take a moment to breathe. If you dread any part of it, politely decline. People know how hectic the season is, so they shouldn't be offended if you can't attend, or participate in their 100-cookie bake-off. In the moment, ask your angels how to say no and wait for their response. It will come!

9. It's okay if everyone's not together for the holiday

Let go of the need to have everyone present on the holiday. If people are being pulled in many directions, have special days with them leading up to the holiday. This way you can see them for the season, but allow them to go where they want on the actual day. Call them on the day of the holiday and wish them a wonderful day. Let them know you love them and that you are happy for them. If they know you're not upset with them for going elsewhere, then they will be free to enjoy their day. This is the best gift you can give the people you love.

10. Practice gratitude

Notice when a moment to be thankful is happening - see the wonder in a child's eyes, the joy of smiling faces of strangers as they pass by - be the smiling stranger to someone who seems grouchy. Be thankful that you are alive and that you can enjoy the holiday season. Even if all you do is put a battery-operated candle stick in a window, let the spirit of the season into your heart. If it is difficult, ask the angels to help you feel a spark of joy and then let go. Look up and see an imaginary snowflake falling down toward your face. Catch it on your tongue and for an instant you are a sweet, innocent child, again. That's how God sees you!

This year, I pray that you enjoy the holiday season and may you find your inner child once or twice!

All my best,


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Joann S
Joann S
Nov 16, 2023

Lisa, lots of good advice, thank you xo Joann

Replying to

Thank you, Joann! xoxo Lisa


sara noble
sara noble
Nov 15, 2023

Lisa... I loved this post so much! I need to read it every day starting now!!! You are so wise!!!

Replying to

Aww, Sara!! I'm so glad hat you love this post! Lisa


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