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Self Reflection for Freedom

There are niggling thoughts that are stealing your freedom.

Freedom to live a joyous life. Thoughts from a life well-lived, even though we all have regrets, wishes that we did some things differently, or acted like a better person when we were confronted with stumbling blocks along the way.

I'm older now, wiser in many ways from the experiences of my life, but in my twenties, thirties, forties and even my fifties, there have been many times I turned down a road, instead of staying the course. Detoured, if you will, down a path that led to lions, tigers, and bears. At each turn I made decisions that had effects on others; my parents, my children, and even partners.

I remember as a teenager making decisions that pleased my friends, because I wanted to fit in, when everything inside me was screaming, "No, don't do it!" At other times I took the lead in situations where I should have just stayed home.

But, isn't that just like life? Bringing people and circumstances into our lives so we can experience and fall down, just so we can get up again? We learn, we grow, and we do become wiser with age. It is all of the mistakes or wrong turns that make us better people. It is exactly why our children cannot learn from our mistakes; they must make their own and gain wisdom in their own way.

And, as we walk through the journey of life, we pack away the embarrassing moments, the times we weren't our best, the hurt we caused others and we close the door on those emotions, because its painful and we'd rather not deal with it. But, the emotions and the uncomfortable feelings are what our soul uses to move us forward, up the ladder of our awareness into who we really are. Our soul splashes the memories on the canvas of our minds, constantly, but we are so caught up in our current lives that we literally ignore the reminders of what is still left to deal with, to let go of, to resolve.

Rather than accept and move on, we keep these thoughts buried in the basement of our mind so we don't have to see them. But, they are still there cluttering up our hearts, bogging us down with unexplainable worry, doubt, and fear. We wonder, why can't I stop worrying? Why am I so anxious?

Be aware of the times when memory from your past resurfaces. When something you don't like to think about is suddenly lurking in the peripheral of your mind, invite it in, allow it to be front and center.

For example, maybe you were unfaithful in one of your earlier relationships and you broke someone's heart. Normally, when this thought comes to mind, you shut it down, or blame the other person's behavior for pushing you in that direction justifying your actions. This relieves you of your own responsibility and once again you close the door on dealing with what you did. This time, stop and let the thought fully enter your awareness. Listen to yourself for a moment and mentally ask, "Why is this coming up now?" Then, just allow your thoughts to build until you finally have a way to let it go, forever. Forgive yourself for the choices you made and then thank yourself for the opportunity to explore why you did what you did. Know that you did what you knew to do at the time and there was a bigger reason you couldn't imagine back then. A larger purpose that your soul was required to partake in and then release the thought and let the guilt and regret go - see it rise up and out of your awareness for good into the hands of the universe.

You are free!

If the thought returns someday, recognize it, thank it, and let it go once more.

You can do this with any thoughts that come up from your past. Rather than push it back down where it will only cause grief, let it come up and then examine it for what it is; a life lesson. Release it and let go. Thank it for the wisdom it brought you and know that you are doing your soul's work.

Spirit can only work through us. We, in form, can act and perform, and make differences in the world.

It's only life, after all.

There are no true mistakes. We are all truly innocent children of God and He loves us, unconditionally. There is no condemnation. All we need to do is know Him. Listen to the wisdom of your heart. Know you are the most precious creation of a God so loving that he gives us free will to be happy or sad.

Choose happy.

You, dear friend, are alright - perfect in every way.

Now, go, and BELIEVE.

"See and deeply long for the Lord and His strength (His power, His might); seek and deeply long for His face and His presence continually." Psalm 105:4

All my best,


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