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Gaia - Balance

We Need Balance

As a culture, as a person, and as a planet, we need balance.

Right now, we are out of balance - too much fear, too much unwillingness to bend, too much greed, and too many who are hungry for power.

I often wonder what these power-hungry people are looking to gain. Like the fast driver who passes all the cars in front of him, dangerously careening in and out of traffic, only to stop for the same reason the rest of us were slowing down - where have his actions gotten him? Nowhere, fast.

As people we sometimes look to have power over others. Those during the pandemic who rose to power over our lives - a situation where we were all vulnerable and had to acquiesce to those in "power." So many lost their jobs only to find out what they were required to do did nothing to prevent the disease.

Or warmongers who want power over other countries and who cross borders to cause massive destruction and death. Where does this get them? In the end, they are still immortal and are subject to the same ill-fated destinies that befall others. They run from it like the fast driver who gets nowhere, only to be stopped dead in their tracks somewhere down the line.

And, now, those who cause fear in our younger generation about the planet - fear that we are killing our planet. They demand that we stop cooking with natural gas, stop heating our homes with oil and stop driving our cars. They want to change how we live our lives and they raise fear to do it - power over the people.

We Need Balance

We need balance - this is the reality of duality. Yin & Yang. Black & white. Day & night.

In any situation where we are out of balance, we tip the scales and life is harder, more difficult, and we struggle. If we eat too much it is harder to walk around. We gain weight and our clothes don't fit. We tire easily. We are out of balance. When we focus on something over everything else, some parts of our lives suffer. We worry over our children and lose focus on our marriage or our jobs. We may end up divorced or fired from out job. We are out of balance. And, in the world, if we as a collective consciousness focus on gloom, doom, and destruction, we lose our joy. We become depressed and filled with anxiety and disease. We are out of balance.

The Earth

The earth is a living, breathing entity and she is so much greater than we can ever truly imagine. God created a magnificent solar system that holds everything together. He gave us a sun to warm us and a moon to guide us at night. He gave us an ever-changing, self-renewing planet that exists beyond anything we can comprehend. Even though we number in the billions, we are only specks in the enormity of the galaxy and the incredible ebb and flow of the planets and stars. We think we are so much bigger than we are in relation to our solar system and our earth.

Yes, we should care for our earth. Plant, replenish, keep the oceans clean, save the whales and the baby seals, but global temperatures and polar ice caps are not our problems to solve. Would we venture deep into a volcano and try to change the temperature with our scientific aspirations? No, we can't change the temperature of lava.

The earth will go on long after this generation of people who are afraid the planet is dying. We inhabit her, not the other way around.

Chicken Little said, "The sky is falling!" He caused quite a stir, but it was for naught.

Do your part for the earth, but be in balance. Know that God would not create something so fragile as to be subject to the human race's imbalance.

Love the planet, love each other, and be a good citizen of the earth.

Each day as the sun rises give thanks for the beauty in the flowers, trees, and ants that crawl around. We know so little of the mechanisms of this planet, even though we think we know it all. Even countries ravaged by war and the evil doings of men who crush things to gain power, come back to flourish. The seedling grows seemingly out of rubble and babies are born brand new and full of life.


Stay the course of right-mindedness. Thinking good thoughts. When you get a fearful thought, balance it with a peaceful one. Practice balance in your life. It is the only life you can change. When enough of us think peaceful thoughts on a regular basis, we will tip the scales and bring the world back into balance. We will once again bring harmony to each other and our planet.

Check out this really great article that sums up how we got here in our current "climate" and why its so important to bring God back into the equation

Be kind to yourself and others, even the erratic driver you saw the other day. You can make a change. Say to yourself, "Be blessed, brother. You are loved." Then, move on with your day. Unbeknownst to you, someone has blessed you that way.

Be blessed, brother.

All my best,


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