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Change for the Better

It's hard to change

Habits are difficult to break. There are things we do in life, ways we think and behave that have been with us for as long as we can remember. In fact, some of these traits began in infancy and we don't even know we do them, much less why we do them. Perhaps when you cried as a baby your parents came to you immediately, picking you up and cuddling you, or maybe they let you cry believing you would learn to self-sooth. If that was your experience, perhaps you found your thumb or a blanket to sooth your infant fears, so worn out from crying that you fell back to sleep.

Over time, your security blanket was more important to you than your parents. You learned that the world was not coming to your aid. You were on your own. Then, as years went on and you found a friend on the playground at school, you let your guard down, you trusted that maybe the world wasn't so bad after all, until that friend found another friend and they left you alone, once again. Confirmation that you couldn't trust others. This thread of distrust and acceptance that there was no one who would ever really love you was always just under the surface of your awareness cropping up in situations as they arose in your life, reminding you that you were unlovable.

The Motion of Life

Life has a way of moving forward and you succeeded in many areas of your life, some by chance and others from your true grit, your tenacity - your talents and gifts discovered along the path of life. As we grow and become adults our need for being comforted doesn't go away and habits form that become part of our identity. We can't walk around sucking our thumb or carrying our security blanket, but we can sleep late, hitting the snooze button for 5-more minutes, or have candy and sweets on hand for the moment when we need a pick-me-up. Something sweet to remind you that someone did love you once, maybe a loving grandparent whose face always lit up at the sight of you and always had a piece of candy in his pocket, just for you. Now, as you struggle to make new habits in life - eat less baked or processed foods, love yourself enough to exercise, or stop the bad habit of needing to control everyone else's life, you find it hard; almost impossible.

There is a Way

It most definitely is possible to change. Breaking habits that sabotage your joy is as simple as waking up an hour earlier each day and sitting in silence with yourself. Even if its just for 5 - 10 minutes you can begin to hear the guidance of your inner voice. This subtle but strong voice of wisdom that comes after the random, self-sabotaging thoughts of the ego. You will hear this guidance, even if its just one word, "change." When you open your eyes, go immediately to your notebook and start writing. At first, you might not know what to write, but just begin. Before you realize it, you will have written a message to yourself - your inner wisdom poured out onto the page.

You might think I wrote this for you, but this is my story, the one revealed to me this morning from my inner guidance. I write to help you, but I am teaching myself these things, first. We have all been in situations that require us to form habits of protection like wanting to sleep late and avoid the day for as long a we can. Eat too many sweets to remind us of childhood feelings of love, or whatever else it is that we do to cover up feelings of inadequacy, fear of being unlovable, or simply distrusting life.

A Better Way

We can let go, move out of the comfort of habits that in the end don't make us feel better. We don't have to cry it out on our own. God will never leave us. Reach for His hand and let him lead you to a brighter place - a brighter outlook on life. Start a new habit with Him and know that you are loveable and you are so loved. I wake up at 5 a.m. most days. It gives me an hour or two to start my day with a morning meditation. I wouldn't have time to write these blog posts, otherwise. A few years ago I began getting nudges to get up early. The Holy Spirit put a book in my path called The 5 a.m. Club I read this book and it was literally the wake up call I needed to kick start my early morning routine.

Begin Today

Whatever it is that you want to change in your life, start today. Small changes create big gains. I'm here to say that when my alarm goes off at 5 a.m., I'm not blissful and I have to reason with myself to actually get out of bed. I tell myself to "get up" and that I need not be awake, only moving toward the bathroom to get started. Before I know it, I'm awake and ready for my day. It won't be easy at times to make a change, but it is doable. Be in silence for a few moments every day and see where it takes you.

I'm excited for you!

It's exciting to work directly with your inner knowing and when I say work, I really mean live. Live with your inner knowing and you're well on your way to living your BEST LIFE!

Let me know how you're doing along the way.

Trust me - Trust yourself!

All my best,


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