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Wisdom is there for the Asking

There are Many Ways to Meditate

Often, I hear people say that they can't sit still long enough to meditate, or that meditating is a "new age" thing that they don't do because of their religious beliefs. Meditation is the only way to connect with our source, God.

Meditation doesn't require that you sit in stillness for hours and it doesn't require you to chant "Om." Some people do sit for hours in stillness while they chant, which is awesome and I'm sure they connect to some powerful wisdom, in fact, there are those who have connected with spirit guides like Seth and Abraham and have brought some amazing messages to us through their connections, but those of us who simply want to connect with our source and live our Best Lives, need not do that at all.

You can meditate by sitting in silence or while doing simple everyday things, like cooking or cleaning. I find that walking is one of the best ways to meditate, but never meditate while driving! Always be focused while driving. At other times, let yourself go deeper into the stillness within.

When we meditate, we go deeper into our minds, past the ego mind. The ego mind is the place where thoughts exist that relate to our personalities and all that we've encountered in this life since childhood. These thoughts were generated by fear and all the things we've seen and experienced, like betrayal, unrequited love, hurt, and grief. The pain that you desperately want to avoid. These ego-based thoughts tell you that you can't be more than you already are and remind you of how small and menial your life is compared to some other people in the world.

These thoughts are lies and images that are not real, but that we've accepted as real. Not only have we accepted them as real, we constantly repeat them to ourselves and dwell on them, solidifying them in our minds like grooves on a record album. Once that happens, the thought becomes our awareness and there is often a lack of peace.


When we meditate, we allow ourselves to go deeper to the place where our true selves reside, free from all of the lies we've told ourselves and where we know exactly who we are - innocent creations of God. We were created out of an unimaginable feeling of such great love and we are innocent, sweet babies given to the world to bring that love into form and to co-create with God.

In meditation, we can briefly experience the wisdom of all the love and greatness that exists within us and bring a sense of peace to our minds. These moments of peace, no matter how brief will carry us along in our day and in our lives to a better experience and it will begin to teach us why we are here.

God wants to make our day better, so we can make someone else's day better with a helping hand, a smile, or simply saying, "I love you."

How to Meditate

Start your day being in silence in some way. You can sit with your eyes closed and say, "Good morning you fill in the blank. It can be God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or the universe. You can even say, "Good morning, higher self." Then, just listen. You can ask a question and then wait for the wisdom to come. You will know your ego thoughts, because they rush in, but just wait a few beats. Don't anticipate, just wait and listen. The wisdom will come. It will sound exactly like your own thoughts, but there is true guidance, a sense of knowing that this is coming from a higher source. It will always be loving, it can be funny (sometimes I laugh and shake my head,) and it will always be encouraging. Make sure to have a pen and paper handy, so you can write down what you heard and incorporate it into your day and your life. Most of all, listen and heed the messages.

Take a Walk

Walking in nature is a great way to meditate. Don't take your headphones and listen to music. We often do this to silence our thoughts. Don't bring your cell phone. You can bring your dog! Just look around and observe your surroundings. Listen to the sounds of nature. Let peace settle into your being and smile - you are in meditation.

Meditate while you Cook

When you are cooking, turn off the TV or the radio and just do the work in silence - experience what your hands are doing and be present. Allow the wisdom from deep within to rise to the surface and bring you clarity and peace.

Wisdom of the Ages

We are capable of living in accordance with the wisdom of the ages. All belief systems know we go on after death - so does the wisdom of those who have come before us. This wisdom is within. Tap into it - its already yours for the asking. You need only be quiet long enough to hear it.

Today is the Day

Begin your journey back to yourself, today. YOU are beautiful, loving, and full of life - a miracle to be joyous about and a perfect reason to be at peace. YOU are one with God, your creator, the one who created you in utter perfection. Imagine if you believed this to be true. Wouldn't it make you the happiest person on earth? Wouldn't you want to share that happiness with everyone you meet, because they are also created in utter perfection? Well, it IS true!

You are so loved!

I love you!

All my best,


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