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We are not Alone

From a young age we search out our soulmate.

Every relationship we have we wonder, "is this the one?" No one seems to have everything we need for total bliss, and we think, they must be out there in the world somewhere, my other half, my twin flame.

There's a Reason

The reason no one will ever bring us total bliss is because we cannot find our bliss in another human being. We do have a soulmate, a twin flame, but we will not find him in form. We left our soulmate to come into this earthly life. Our soulmate is Jesus - the Christ. The son of God. We, in truth, are the son of God and Jesus is trying to call us home. To Him.

We suffer with the inconveniences of life - a snoring partner, a dog that pees on the floor, and all of the other things that cause our bliss to evaporate into thin air, but we don't have to. We can listen to the voice within that guides us to a different way. It's okay to make changes in the moment so you can regain your peace.

Move to a different room to sleep on the sofa, or in the guest room, if your partner is snoring. It does not have to mean your relationship is doomed. Put down paper towels if the dog has peed on floor. It does not mean your house is ruined.

Jesus is the One

Jesus will always guide you to your blissful moment - you need only listen to his voice.

We are not alone. We have an eternal soulmate who loves us more than we can imagine. Whatever you choose to call your soulmate is up to you.

He is ever present and we are never alone.

All my best,


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