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Trust Your Divine Guidance

It's not always easy to trust your guidance

When you or a loved one is going through a difficult time or a health crisis, it's normal to be frightened about the future.

What we must remember is that nothing happens without a reason, a higher purpose, a Divine plan. Each one of us has a path that we're on filled with lessons and opportunities for spiritual growth. Each one of us has a choice in this life to go on or to go out.

When someone we love is suffering or in fear we want to rush in and make things better for them. We want to take away their pain and bring back normalcy, but we can't. Each of us must do what is called for in our own situations - we are the only ones who can walk our path. If we sit back and let someone else fix our problems, the problems will never end.

That is not to say we can't help others. We should be there, wherever we are called to be, and do what we can to be present in another's life. Our job in those times is to be a steady reassurance and to see them as they truly are; bright lights of God's creation. We must know that in reality they are perfect and well and when we see them that way, without pity or judgement, they are reminded of who they truly are and they will recognize the strength and will they have within.

They may choose to leave this earthly body, because it is what they want and we must let them go. They will never truly leave us because we are all connected in the source of God's love. Whether they are in a body or are in spirit they are with us, still.

Watching someone die is heartbreaking and we feel so helpless to make a change. As we go through it we are deeply saddened and we don't want to lose them. We feel like we can't go on, but if we trust in the true nature of who we are, we know we will be with them again - like actors leaving the set of a movie. This one is over, but a new one will start again, soon.

In life, we walk with a certain fear of the unknown. When we are happy, we don't want to be too happy, because we don't know what tragedy is waiting for us around the corner, but if we trust in God and in ourselves, we will know that we are blessed with this life. It is all of the goodness we see, the love we feel, and the joy we can bring to others, while we are here, and while we are able that really matters. Only our love for each other is real. The rest is human suffering that we can neither control nor eradicate. And, when we experience this suffering we must forgive it in the moment and see past it to the glory of God, our true reality, where we live in total bliss and total union with all that we love.

We all go through times of fear and unrest. Plug into your God source with quiet time and breath work during these stressful times, but don't wait for fear to set in - plug in every day. God is there and He will respond to you.

Be Still and Know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

All my best,


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