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The Meaning of the Resurrection

In life, we often focus on the suffering. When we are brought up, we often hear the word, sacrifice - to go without, to be a martyr in some way. Have less so others can have more.

In the old testament of the bible it seems as though the message is that God wants us to sacrifice - put our best things on the fire - the smoke going up to heaven so God will be happy with us.

I was taught in my Catholic upbringing that I was not worthy and that I was born with a sin already on my soul. The sin of Adam and Eve, something I could not be free of, even in baptism, but there was one who came to die for all of our sins. We were sinners that God had to save in order that we could see him again.


The bible speaks to us in symbols, parables, and psalms or songs. The words have been changed by men (so called sinners) over the centuries and we have lost some of the messages written down over the ages by people who were Divinely guided to put the words and thoughts onto tablets, scrolls, paper, and now the internet.

We so often forget that these ideas came to people in their minds. Just as these ideas come to our minds, today.

The idea that God would tell Abraham to kill his only son as proof that he was listening to God's instructions is ludicrous in my mind. It is outrageous. On the one hand He commands us not to kill and yet we are to believe God tested Abraham with such a task. Obviously, we know that Abraham did not kill his son, because God stopped him at the last minute, but if we believe these stories, why don't we believe other stories that people have been guided to tell - Divinely guided. This is precisely how God speaks to us - with our thoughts. And, when we listen and trust in the guidance that tells us to forgive, love, be quiet rather than fight, give rather than receive, we will know we are Divinely guided and our lives will move toward the message of the resurrection versus the suffering of the crucifixion.


When we focus on the message of the crucifixion; persecution, belittling, hatred, and murder this is what we will see. But, when we focus on the resurrection, we focus on rebirth, life, light, joy, and love. What you focus on you create - lets focus on new beginnings and new life.

Let's focus on health for ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet. We are all one and we have an opportunity every day to rise out of suffering and into the light of God's love. Spread that love to everyone you meet. You may believe that because you love God and follow strict rules that you are righteous and good, but God said, "what you do to the least of my brothers, so you do unto me." Remember, each time you see a fellow human being that this IS Jesus. Smile and in your mind say, "I love you," no matter what you think you see.

This is the meaning of life - giving this kind of love is the only way to receive it.

To give IS to receive.

May your days be bright with God's light, and may you reap amazing fruit from the seeds you sow.

All my best,


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