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The Human Mind is Dark

Throughout the ages there has been war.

Groups of humans killing other humans for their "cause." The zealots, the lynch mobs, the Salem witch trials. And before, during, and after there were crusades and world wars. Unto this day, humans act like savages killing innocents for their "cause."

Group mentality is dark.
Dictator mentality is dark.
The human mind is dark.

Even on a micro-scale the human mind is dark. If you think about individuals and how the human mind works, you will remember instances of your own thoughts of revenge for your own "cause." Someone wronged you and you wished something unkind to happen to them.

Without the light of God, humans are doomed.

There are no two ways about it.

As we see and hear things done by humans, we must bring in light to change the dynamic. Bring God's light to the human collective mind with prayer and thanksgiving - find something to be grateful for, even in the worse situations.

How can we find something to be grateful for, when we know innocent people were ripped from their beds and brutally murdered for some sick human beings' cause - some fight for something you and I will never understand?

There is always something to be grateful for when we remember who we are. At our core, our center, our heart we are God's children. God, the Trinity, became man to literally walk in our shoes so He could empathize with our plight here on earth. And what did He do? He cured the sick and dying, he increased abundance in food and drink, and his kindness to others was off the charts. And what did we do in thanks? We crucified and brutally killed Him. But, He is God - a fact that our human mind cannot contain, cannot understand and so we doubt, but He is alive. We did not succeed in killing Him. And no one, no matter how evil will succeed in killing us. We, who are truly children of God, cannot ever truly die. We wake up with Him every day of eternity.

So, be thankful that evil cannot truly kill - it only thinks it kills, but when we are thankful for the life God has given us, it sheds light on the darkness and the darkness disappears.

Go now and spread light.

Know in your heart that evil cannot kill God's children. Know that we will rise again and be the bearers of all that is good in the world and in the human heart.

The human mind is dark, but the human heart is where God is - where our light is.

Let us be the light of the world.

In loving unity with all that is good, may you all be blessed and filled with God's everlasting love.

All my best,


"Bless and affectionately praise the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is deep within me, bless His holy name. Psalm 103: 1

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