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The 5 Elements of Nature

What are the 5 Elements of Nature?

The five elements in nature are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. All of these elements make up the earth's ecosystem and correlate to our own physical nature. When we bring these elements into our environment, we connect with the true nature of our essence and bring peaceful feelings to our being.


Water occupies 70% of the earth's surface and no matter which form it takes, solid, liquid, or gas, it is ever-present in our environment. From a spiritual perspective water relates to our emotions, inner reflections, and peaceful thoughts. Water is associated with the color blue and tranquility. Bring water into your environment to remind you to be peaceful in your thoughts. Placing a small water feature in your home will bring tranquility and peace. You can add a small fountain to a side table or an aquarium to a side wall. The running water from the filter will give you a sense of calm and watching the fish swim will focus your thoughts and ease your mind.


Wood comes to us in the trunk of a tree and in spirituality, wood relates to growth and strength. Having wood furnishings in your home brings a sense of security and safety. The roots of the tree are strong and remind us that we are safe in our environment; that we belong. You can also bring a sense of wood to your home with natural essences of pine and cedar. Cedar lined drawers or a cedar chest will envelop your senses every time you open it, bringing you that wonderful sense of security. You can also light a pine-scented candle or use cedar essential oil in a diffuser to fill your home with the wonderful woodsy scent.


Fire ignites from the combustion process and brings light and heat. In spirituality, fire is related to our personal power and our passion. When we watch a fire, we become mesmerized by the flame as it crackles and dances from the power beneath it. Our personal fire relates to our solar plexus and when we allow our flame to dance, we own our personal power and have the courage to live the life we choose. Lighting candles is a way to bring fire into our homes. Watching a flame dance can ignite our own fire within.


The Earth element signifies nutrients and new life; Mother Earth. In spirituality earth relates to wisdom and good judgement. Surrounding yourself with plants will provide you with nutrient rich air, which the plants release into your environment. They will remind you to be kind to the earth and to yourself. Planting in soil will bring you closer to the earth and closer to your own inner wisdom. Live plants can be placed in west-facing windows for the most sunlight of the day and the rich green leaves will nourish your entire home bringing the earth into your everyday experiences.


Metals exists naturally in the earth; silver, gold, copper, brass, and aluminum. In spirituality, metal represents intelligence, talent, and the ability to be organized. You can wear metals in everyday life, such as silver bracelets and gold rings to signify your relationship to metal. Warriors wore metal to protect them in battle and used protective shields made of metal. Place metal in your home with brass bowls to remind yourself that your talents are gifts to the world. Let your talent shine like the metals you display in your environment.

The 5 Elements in Healing

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine commonly used to heal pain and is used for overall wellness. Acupuncture uses the 5 elements of nature in it's spiritual philosophies.

Read more about Chinese medicine and the 5 elements of nature in this amazing book :

How do you incorporate the five elements of nature into your home environment? Leave a comment and let us know!

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