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Look up, Dear One

I recently heard some terrible, terrible news on my local news station about a tragedy that had befallen a family in my area. It shook me to the core, thinking about what they must be going through, so much so that I couldn't sleep that night and needed to wake my husband to talk me through it.

During my meditation this morning, I was guided to let the angels write this post. It is a message for all of us. You can do this, too. Sit in quiet meditation for a few minutes and then ask the angels to give you a message through automatic writing. Relax and let the message pour onto the page.

Here is the message I received, word for word:

Ways to Sooth the battered soul.

(We are here.)

Just begin to see and hear the words as they pour out onto the page.

Dear one, you have been on a long, hard journey. One filled with a growing desire for freedom from pain and strife. You look in every corner for your redeemer. You search far and wide, but all you find are empty corners. There is no redeemer, no fountain of youth, no relief from aches and pains. Look up, Dear one. Look to the Heavens, rather than street corners where your fellow man hides ready to pounce. There is no promise land here - only up with your Father. Your Father waits ever so patiently for you to seek Him versus earthly prizes.

When the world gets you down, look up, seek His console, His respite from the world, for it is a cruel world. It is not where you belong, but you have forgotten who you are - you dear one are His child, His beloved. For He so loved the world, He gave His only son - You are, in truth, His only son. You fell to earth in a dream and you believe the dream. When someone has a dream at night and they wake up from it, they often say, "it was so real." This is what you will say when you wake from this dream of earth. It seems real, but it is not real. Only love is real. Open your eyes to the truth. Look up to your Heavenly Father and remember who you are, for then the road is easier. The hurt and pain dissipate and relief is what you feel. Relief to know that all the suffering you see around you is but a dream, a nightmare that you can wake up from.

As the bad news on television mounts, look up and pray, "Heavenly Father, relieve me and them of this pain." Remain in your Heavenly Father's presence until you feel calmed and soothed. It is the only way to relieve the stress of the terrible news. Jesus is your brother, your true companion in this life. Love your brothers and sisters here on earth, but know you have Jesus in every situation. When your marriage does not work out, when your friends break your heart, know that Jesus will not leave you. While you cannot wrap your arms around Jesus and feel the comfort of his embrace in that moment, know that if you acknowledge Him and believe in Him and treat others as He would, soon he will send someone to comfort you and embrace you with His loving arms and you will feel His love, if you just believe and live with kindness to all those whom you believe have hurt you.

Look up, Dear one, for I AM right here and I've been here all along.

I love you, always.

A message from the Angels, 9/5/2023.

May you remember to look up, Dear Friends.

All my best,


God's word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119

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