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How I Became an Angel Reader

I grew up in a six-decker tenement house in a small quiet city. My paternal grandparents lived in the tenement below me. I had loving parents and loving grandparents. I am an only child. My father is an only child. My mother had two younger brothers who weren't married back then, so I didn't have lots of cousins like most of my friends did, but I enjoyed a wonderful normal childhood. I attended Catholic school and learned how to confess my sins, pray every night, and ask my guardian angel to pray for me.

I've always been a talkative girl, which often got me into hot water in the classroom. If you're familiar with the Catholic teachers (mostly nuns) back in the mid-sixties and seventies, you can imagine how I started to get a guilt complex and I believed that I was constantly being punished because I was "bad."

As time went on, I got married and had children of my own. I started to see that children are not and cannot be "bad" - only made to believe such things by "well-meaning" adults. I set out on a journey, a quest so to speak, to look for some answers. My journey took me into different realms. At first, I found Joyce Meyer and her talks motivated me to get out of my "pity party."

Then I began to read more self-help and spiritually-based books. I ventured into a larger, more expansive arena into chakras, ascended masters, and angels. I read books by Sylvia Brown and Sonia Choquette . I began doing guided meditations with Doreen Virtue and Wayne Dyer. And, I read the bible from cover to cover. I found A Course in Miracles and began a journey of discovery that was not only awe inspiring, but comforting and frightening at the same time. I took workshops with my gurus of the time, Doreen Virtue and Carolyn Myss. There are so many spiritual teachers that the universe placed on my path that it would take pages to list them all. And, learning doesn't stop. New teachers show up all the time and I am grateful for each and every one.

I became a certified Angel Reader in 2006. I began doing Angel Readings professionally and started teaching others under the name Angel Bridge. It was a beautiful and amazing time.

I also became a Reiki Practitioner and this journey into Reiki brought me closer to Jesus and my sign from the universe, 333. After my first Reiki attunement, I had a dream during a mid-day nap. Jesus was instructing me and he wrote the numbers 333 on a blackboard. From then on, I've seen these numbers constantly as a sign from Jesus that he is with me and that I'm on the right path.

Twists and Turns of Life

My life went in a different direction at some point and I stopped doing readings, professionally. I never stopped doing readings for myself or working with the angels. They are my constant companions and I call on them for guidance whenever I'm in a quandary about decisions or if I'm at a cross road in life.

The Writer in Me

About 10-years ago, I wrote a book that I entitled, God's Magic. It was tucked away in my computer's hard drive until about a year ago, when I was nudged by Jesus to take it out and dust it off. Other than making a few adjustments to bring it up to the current time in my life (I no longer have a teenaged daughter) it remains just as it was written all those years ago. I believe I wrote the book under the guidance of Jesus. He urged me to publish the book and change the name to The Space Traveler's Guide to God's Magic. Even as I read it today, I am amazed at how it surmises everything I've learned, so far, on my spiritual journey.

The angels have also nudged me to start doing Angel Readings again.

I am only too happy to start bringing messages to those who are ready to hear from their angels - you need only ask and they will happily share the love they feel for you from the angelic realm.

Living Your Best Life, Now

No matter where you are in your journey, you can start living your Best Life, now. And, your angels want you to do exactly that! There is no need to suffer with sadness, grief, anxiety, or pain. Let your angels bring you some answers and some loving messages. Angel Readings are never frightening and they never bring you negative or bad news. Your angels know what special gifts you have to bring to the world and they will remind you of the things you love. They will bring you messages that remind you of why you love these things and why you should be acting on bringing them out in your life, again. You had them in the forefront of your mind, when you were a child. You knew exactly who you are and you can experience that happiness, again. You are innocent and a beloved child of God and while life can throw its fast balls at you on a constant basis, there is a part of you who can hit a home run with every pitch. You just have to remember who you are.

Are you Ready?

I would love to bring your angels' messages to you through an Angel Reading. If you are willing to let them come through, we can start you on your own journey to finding that unique spiritual connection that is just waiting to open up before you. Begin to walk down the path of light by taking the first step. Take my hand and we'll go together. It'll be grand!

All my best,


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