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Fear is the Only Enemy

There is no devil.

There are no enemies.

Fear grips us and binds us in chains that we have created with our worry and fearful thoughts.

We fear abandonment, embarrassment, and we fear the loss of what we know. We may fear losing the home we know, the neighborhood we're familiar with, and the person who we share a life with, but what we don't know is that if we allowed life to take us where it wants to go, we would find a more beautiful neighborhood, with better neighbors, and a partner who would truly love us and want what makes us happy.

No One Can Truly Hurt Us

We have all been there, even if we don't admit it. We are in a relationship, maybe it's a friendship, a love relationship, or a family connection, parent - child, or sibling, and we fear losing them could end our life. If you have this type of love for someone and they threaten to leave you, you will become so fearful of the loss that you will literally sell your soul to keep them. We are so afraid of being alone that we will do anything to keep them with us. We change our selves into beings that don't resemble who we truly are, just to accommodate their perceived needs and desires.

We may do this for years, until one day, they leave us anyway. Have you experienced this type of loss? Maybe it's a child who cannot abide your desire to leave a marriage and holds their love hostage. You must stay or they will not see you anymore. Perhaps it is a spouse or partner who constantly berates your ideas, making you doubt yourself and you repeatedly accept someone else's idea of who you are. Or it is a parent's voice in your head telling you that you must remain silent and obedient, never stepping outside the lines of conformity. The fear of losing someone dear to you keeps you in a lack of motion. Lack of motion leads to atrophy. Atrophy leads to death.

Break the Chains

The only thing keeping you bound to this misery is your fear. Fear of abandonment, loss, and grief. You cannot win someone's love by acquiescing to their hold over you. Let them go. Lean into the loss that might ensue. This is life. We are learning all the time. When we anticipate pain, we try to do everything we can to avoid it, but when we do this we end up worrying about it, and therefore, it never stops. Worry is like a record album with a skip in it. The same thing keeps playing over and over again. Soon, we are crazy with anxiety, and it's no wonder.

Release your Fear to the Holy Spirit

When this happens to you, simply take a deep breath (we often forget to breath!) and literally give it to the Holy Spirit. Mentally say, "I can't do this. I give this over to you Holy Spirit." You may not feel instant relief, but the relief will come. Maybe you are trying to fall asleep at night and the worry thoughts won't stop. Give it to the Holy Spirit. The thoughts might still come in, but you might wake up a few hours later and realize you did fall asleep. That's a good thing!

Allow New Roads to Open For You

When you release the fear, new opportunities arise. Let go of your tight holds on the things you love right now and allow yourself the opportunity for new experiences. It doesn't mean you purposely cut things out of your life that you love. This is not about sacrifice. This is about allowing. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life by opening to those fearful things that keep you up at night.

Meditation to Combat Fear

Take three deep cleansing breaths.

Breath in through your nose and expand your belly

and then breath out through your nose, contracting your belly

On the fourth breath mentally say to yourself,

"I am safe."

On the fifth breath mentally say to yourself,

"I am loved."

On the sixth breath mentally say to yourself,

"I am protected."

Now, envision Arch Angel Michael standing before you.

Know that he will walk with you and be with you, always.

Do this simple meditation before bed and upon waking, or anytime you feel fearful.

Who is Arch Angel Michael?

Arch Angel Michael is a warrior angel. He removes negativity from any situation and protects you from energies that want to take away your peace. When you find yourself about to get into an argument with someone or you feel negatively charged energy enter your presence, silently ask Arch Angel Michael to intervene. Ask him to remove the negative energy and replace it with the bright white light of the Holy Spirit.

If you have someone in your life who seems to drain your energy, before yo see or talk to them, ask Arch Angel Michael to protect you from the energy drain. You will notice that you feel better after the encounter with this person. You feel lighter and your outlook is brighter.

Arch Angel Michael is forever at the ready to help you. He will protect you and remove negative drains on your positive energy. Simply think of Arch Angel Michael and he will be there, ready to help.


Angels are whatever we want them to be - as we see them in our mind, so they are. Our imaginations are the gifts God has given us to remind us of who we are - how we create in reality. What we envision we create for ourselves and even to a degree, those around us.

If we envision war and destruction, this is what we will create, but if we envision peace, harmony, and smiling faces - beauty all around in nature and in our home, this is what we will create.

This is not to say that our lives will be forever in a state of bliss, for this is not what we wanted when we decided to come to earth school. Life gives us opportunities to find peace in difficult situations. We can work through life's problems with a good attitude and with the help of the guardians God has given us while we're here.

The next time you are afraid or when you start to remember a difficult situation, ask for help. God and all that He has created loves you. You are not lost in a sea of misery. You are forever safe in the embrace of all that is.

Remember who you truly are - dust off your imagination and free yourself. Let angels like Arch Angel Michael come into your awareness and set you free from the chains you've imagined into being - you have the key. It's been there all along.

To read more about angels check out this book by Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark, Angelspeak

Leave a comment or send me a note so we can keep this conversation going. I'd love to talk with you!

All my best,


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