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Angels are Real

Angels were never human, but they can be when it's necessary.

There are so many stories of people who have been helped by strangers who were there one minute and gone the next. People who were in dire circumstances, lost on deserted roads or in dangerous neighborhoods, when suddenly a helpful stranger came along to give them the directions they needed to find their way home. Or the person who was crying because they'd just lost a loved one and then suddenly a stranger was present to say just the right thing to let them know their loved one was safe and all was well.

This is just one way angels help us here on earth. Angels are not "false idols." Religious dogmas will warn against people believing in angels, but there is nothing to fear when it comes to angels. Remember, we are the creators of our life experience and if we want angels in our lives, then we can have them.

God is an all-loving God. He does not want us chained-up by fear or thinking we are sinners who must be constantly asking for forgiveness. He loves us. Think about your own children; could they ever do something so wrong you couldn't forgive them? This is how God feels about us, but without the ego. The ego would ask a question like this; "What about Hitler's mother? Could she forgive him?" Jesus said, "Father forgive them, they know not what they do." We can stop acting like we're unworthy of all the things we want. Of course we want helpers from the angelic realm. Who wouldn't want to have angels around them? Helpers who are just waiting to be asked, so they can act.

Sometimes they intervene without being asked, like when we find ourselves in situations that could cause us severe harm. If it is not in our plan to die that way or at that time, angels will intercede. Things will happen in what appears to be slow motion. You will be amazed afterwards that you came out of it unscathed without a scratch.


Angels are beings of light and pure love created by God for us. He knows we are in a dream and in this dream we are fearful and with that fear comes all sorts of struggle, pain, and even anger. Angels surround us at times of emotional pain. They emit love and peaceful thoughts into our energy field and if we are open to the love, then we will feel better, soon. Ask angels to help you. They will. Ask for healing and they will heal you. While you cannot ask for a healing for someone else, because they have their own life plan that you cannot change, you can ask angels to flock to their side. When I know someone who is hurting, I ask a million angels to go to them. Pray for them, obviously, but send a few angels their way, too.

Angels can help with everyday needs as well. When I have misplaced something, I ask the angels to help me find it and I usually do. Ask for help from the angels when planning meals or when you are decorating your home. They love to help you find just the right thing to bring you joy. Your angels are hoping you will ask for their help. They will help, if you ask. They can come to you in surprising ways. You might see a coin on the ground. Pick it up and put it in your pocket. You might see a feather on the floor or floating down from the ceiling. Greet your angels. In the eyes of a pet your angels smile back at you and in the face of a kind stranger they send you a message of pure love. Acknowledge them and smile back. When I see my sign, I say, "Hi Angels!" It's a great feeling to know you are never alone. Your angels are always with you. Dear Reader, what are you waiting for?

Go meet your angels!

To read more about angels, read Chapter 6, Everyday Magic, in my book The Space Traveler's Guide to God's Magic.

You can book an angel reading with me. Angels readings are always a safe and positive experience.

Or, simply sit in silence for a few minutes today. Take a few calming breaths, expanding your belly on the in-breath and contracting on the out-breath. Ask your angels for a message. Envision the color light blue or light green and wait for a message that is of love. Ignore the ego thoughts telling you to stop being silly or dumb and wait for the message of love. You will know it when it comes.

Enjoy your journey. You've got wonderful angels traveling with you!

All my best,


P.S. here's another great book about angels:

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